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Production Release Flow

Building and deploying your Myria project on production has almost the same flow as in the staging environment. However, some steps require changes and proper configuration.

Below is a complete guide on releasing your project into the production environment.


Make sure to follow steps in the correct order to avoid any potential issues.

1. Register a Developer Account

You can register a Developer Account in Production using this guide.

Note that the Myria Marketplace link on production differs from staging.

2. Create and approve a project

You can create a project in production using this guide.

Note that you need to pass EnvTypes.PRODUCTION as your SDK environment for development on production. This also applies to all SDK managers (Project, Collection, Minting, etc).

After creating a project, request approval from our support team. Please provide your project id and mention that this project will be in the Production environment.

3. Create a collection

After the team approves your project, create a new collection using this guide.


  • The Alchemy key has to be on the Ethereum Mainnet.
  • Before deploying the contract, change the STARKEX_ADDRESS to 0x3071BE11F9e92A9eb28F305e1Fa033cD102714e7 in the .env.example file. You can also verify the contract address required on the Myria contracts page.
  • There's a cost associated with contract deployments on production, so send enough ETH to the address from which you will deploy the contract.
  • Collection metadata schema is required to properly display traits and filters of a given collection on the Myria Marketplace.

4. Mint and List NFTs

When you have a collection ready, you can finally mint your NFTs.

Additionally, you can list your NFTs on the Myria Marketplace.