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Myria enables developers and builders to confidently and simply integrate with the best of blockchain technology.

The Myria L2 protocol provides instant transaction confirmation, zero gas fees, immense scalability, without compromising on security.

Why Myria?

Powered by Ethereum

Ethereum is the world's largest and most secure blockchain, and Myria directly inherits that functionality.

In addition to the security and stability provided by Ethereum's technology, Myria's L2 protocol is intrinsically connected to Ethereum's large network of users.


Myria uses a zk-rollup (specifically a ZK-STARK or Zero-Knowledge Scalable Transparent ARguments of Knowledge) to interact with the Ethereum blockchain. Trades and transactions on Myria are bundled -- or rolled up -- together, validated and published on chain. You can read more about rollups from the founder of Ethereum here.

Using the L2 scaling solution, Myria can support over 9,000 transactions per second with zero gas fees. If using L1 Ethereum alone, transaction times are inconsistent and can even fail on occasion; however using Myria, transactions are reliably executed, near instantaneously. This enables builders to confidently create, transact and use blockchain assets.

Using Myria's developer platform and tools

Myria's tools have been designed thoughtfully for builders like you. Myria simplifies blockchain interactions for developers. This means instead of coding complex languages such as Solidity or Cairo, you can simply connect to Myria's SDK and deploy your NFT project in a matter of minutes.

Myria Core SDK

The Myria Core SDK enables developers to easily register projects, create collections and mint assets on the Myria L2 protocol.

Myria APIs

Currently Myria's APIs are accessible through the SDKs only.

Connecting into Myria's Ecosystem

When integrating with Myria's L2, you access interfaces that connect users to your projects.

Myria NFT marketplace

Myria operates a dedicated Web3 marketplace to trade digital assets and collectibles that across all Myria-powered projects and games.

Myria wallet

Developers and end-users can create a non-custodial wallet that allows seamless interactions between tokens and assets on the Myria network. You will find reference to Myria Wallet and Stark Key used interchangeably, the Stark Key is the address of a given Myria Wallet.

Sample End-to-End Process

To demonstrate how a token goes from your brain to a user's wallet, see the diagram below: