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Marketplace Fees


Myria does not charge any of these fees today. They are included as information only to highlight the kinds of fees

  • Maker fee: The fee paid to marketplace that lists the asset for sale. .
  • Taker fee: The fee set by and paid to marketplace that completes the sale for an asset.
  • Protocol fee: An exchange fee on transactions paid to the maker marketplace for providing the required liquidity.

Note: A single marketplace may list the asset and complete the sale, meaning they are the maker and the taker.

Project Fees

  • Royalties: Royalty fees are payments to compensate the original NFT creator with a percentage of the sale price each time the NFT is sold on Myria L2, including on the Myria Marketplace.

A note on Ethereum Fees

There are gas fees associated with any transactions involving Ethereum L1. This includes deploying the smart contract for collections, and transferring assets from Myria L2 to Ethereum L1. These gas fees are not paid to Myria but to the miners responsible for processing the transactions and securing Ethereum.