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Does Myria charge any fees?

Myria does not charge any fees today, and will never charge gas fees. While deploying the smart contract to create a collection, you will incur gas fees from Ethereum. This is a one-time fee per collection.

In the future, Myria may introduce other fees.

How do I receive creator fees from secondary sales?

When minting the ERC721 asset, set the royalty fee to the percentage you wish to receive from secondary sales.

What technology supports Myria L2?

Myria works with StarkWare to create our L2. More details about the L2 can be found on the developer homepage and the solutions page.

Getting Started

Does Myria have a launchpad?

Myria partners can be featured in the Myria Marketplace's Hot Collections, and in Ecosystem pages. Please contact us for more information.

We're excited to have you launch on Myria! The best way to do this is to mint your NFTs directly to your wallet and then list the NFTs for sale on Myria Marketplace. You can list them using the Wallet UI or the SDK. There's a diagram that shows the process here.

How can I test my NFT launch on Myria?

You should follow the documentation and use the Sepolia testnet to create your project and collection, and mint your assets. Then you can list the assets on Myria's staging marketplace.

What are testnets, and how do I use them?

Testnets are test environments where developers can deploy smart contracts and transact with test ETH. For Myria, this is relevant when deploying smart contracts to create collections.

Each blockchain can have several testnets working at the same time. For example, Ethereum has Kovan, Sepolia, Ropsten, Goerli. Generally, to use testnet networks, specify the ChainID in your app or switch to the corresponding environment in your Web3 wallet. The create a collection example in this documentation uses Sepolia.

When your code is tested, audited and production-ready, you can deploy it on Ethereum mainnnet.

Collections and Assets

What is an asset?

Today, Myria assets are non-fungible tokens that follow the ERC721 standard. Such assets are commonly referred to as NFTs.

Does Myria support ERC1155 tokens?

No, Myria does not support ERC1155 tokens.

Are there any limits to the number of collections and mint transactions I can create?

By default, projects are limited to five collections per month and 50k mint transactions per collection per month. This can be increased by contacting our team.

How can I use ERC20 tokens (governance tokens, in-game tokens, etc.)?

Myria doesn't support ERC20 token minting on Myria L2 just yet. However, if you mint ERC20 on Ethereum L1 you would be able to use it on Myria L2.

Smart contracts and blockchain

Do I need to code my own smart contracts?

No. You can interact with Myria's L2 protocol using the Myria SDK. You will need to deploy a contract for every collection, but that contract has already been written and is shared via an open source Github repository.

Why do I need a Stark Key?

The Stark Key is required to identify a Myria wallet and to handle the authentication process. You need this key to perform any transactions or operations on the Myria L2. For more details, refer here.

Does Myria have an RPC (Remote Procedure Call) details?

No, Myria exposes our functionality via REST APIs, not via RPC.

Does Myria have a blockchain explorer?

Myria does not have a blockchain explorer yet.