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Myria has launched two products to help developers onboard, launch and manage their projects, collections & assets. The two products available for use are the Myria Developer Portal and the Myria SDK. The Myria Developer Portal simplifies onboarding as a developer with Myria and allows for the creation of Projects & Collections, as well as the administration of your account settings. The Myria SDK allows the above, as well as the ability to Mint, Burn, List & Transfer assets.

Developer Portal

Register and onboard with Myria. The Myria Developer Portal will walk you through the first steps, including accessing the Myria test environment to create and list your first collection.

  • Register
  • Access to test environment
    • Test objectives
    • Request Production access
  • Ability to create Projects & Collections
  • Ability to manage Marketplace Listing (display image, cover image, headline, description etc.)
  • Manage account settings

Start Building

Myria Core SDK

A typescript SDK for simplifying interaction with Myria’s blockchain functionality. The Myria SDK and supporting SDK documentation will help you get started with both creating your assets for the first time, as well as managing any live interactions with your assets (e.g. querying a player's wallet contents).

Includes the functions provided by the Myria Developer Portal, as well as:

  • Minting ERC-721
  • Listing ERC-721
  • Transfer ERC-721 & ERC-20
  • End-user Wallet Management (Sign-up, Sign-in, Query)
  • Developer Wallet Management (Deposit, Withdraw)
  • Manage account settings

Start Building